Transport systems for engines weighing from 3 to 250 t

The diesel engines are stored on special transport pallets or supports which can then be picked up by the pallet transporter and moved and positioned exactly where they are wanted.
The loads can be moved without the use of a hall crane and carried easily within the phased line or from one hall to the next.

In addition, modular air cushion systems are used for the insertion and installation of the diesel engines and generators. This means that the work can be done much quicker and easier and with less strain on the floor than with heavy-duty rollers, for instance.

other benefits:

  • Transport is smooth and free of vibration
  • Small dimensions of the transport vehicles (only slightly larger than the floor area of the load)
  • Easy manoeuvrability thanks to the air cushion principle, allowing optimum use to be made of the available production space
  • Low energy consumption because friction is almost completely eliminated
  • Distribution of the pressure over a relatively large area means stresses on the floors are less than with traditional means of transport
  • Simple operation, clean and ergonomic production facilities