Innovative technology for science

Research & development makes constant demands on transport that can only be met by conventional means at considerable financial and structural cost.

Thanks to new transport concepts and innovative air cushion technology, we have been able to close this gap and deliver flexibility in the movement of large, heavy or sensitive loads, as you can see from the examples on the right-hand side.


Other benefits:

  • High flexibility and simple adaptation to new products and production processes
  • Investment costs are reduced, productivity boosted and lead times shortened
  • Transport system can be operated conveniently by one operator by remote control
  • Load can move freely in all directions and rotations around the axis, ensuring best possible utilisation of the space available
  • Floating load allows precise positioning
  • Low maintenance expense
  • Environmentally friendly technology without exhaust fumes or noise
  • Can also be used in explosion protected zones and clean rooms
Air cushion transport systems for wind tunnel elements
Huge wind tunnel elements can be moved easily and positioned flexibly on air cushions
These huge components are part of a wind tunnel facility and are moved and assembled by means of air cushions.
Smaller variant of a Laval nozzle for a wind tunnel.
The measuring sections and the rail (support for 3D configurations) of the wind tunnel facility can be quickly exchanged thanks to the air cushion system.
Gantry crane on air cushions.
Weighing 80 tons, this sliding gate glides on air cushions when opening and closing.