Anything can be made to float on air

The simple, modular design of air cushion systems gives this technology universal applicability, which is why they are useful not only for very heavy loads, but wherever great flexibility, a high degree of mobility and precise positioning accuracy are required.
Customers’ requirements are so wide and diverse that no two air cushion transporters will be exactly alike. That is why DELU has developed a comprehensive range of components and, thanks to its many years of experience and engineering expertise, is able to offer a customised solution for almost every conceivable problem.


Other benefits:

  • High flexibility and simple adaptation to new products and production processes
  • Investment costs are reduced, productivity boosted and lead times shortened
  • Transport system can be operated conveniently by one operator by remote control
  • Load can move freely in all directions and rotations around the axis, ensuring best possible utilisation of the space available
  • Floating load allows precise positioning
  • Low maintenance expense
  • Environmentally friendly technology without exhaust fumes or noise
  • Can also be used in explosion protected zones and clean rooms


Roll transport
For the transport of cable drums, paper rolls, coils, etc.
This pneumatically controlled air cushion transporter can pick up cable drums weighing up to 2500 kg direct from the floor and lift then by means of lifting flaps.
Roll transporter for changing paper reels in a rotogravure printing line.
The LRF 4/D driverless air cushion transport system has just picked up a load.
The forks of this manually controlled roll transporter are adjustable and have lifting flaps for lifting the load.
Compact air cushion roll transporter with adjustable forks and pneumatic remote control.